"Everything will pass, and the world will perish

but the Ninth Symphony will remain."

- Mikhail Bakunin


About BRP

The Black Rock Philharmonic (BRP) is group of amateur and professional musicians from different camps that perform classical music and more to the growing Burning Man community.


Something new and rewarding on the Playa usually comes from something old and classic. BRP musically full-fills that experience and is happy to share it with fellow Burners. Providing the Burning Man community with inspiring, relaxing, and memorable concerts. Unique from the electronic, amplified, bass thumping that is common on the Playa today.

How We Work

The Black Rock Philharmonic is a dynamic, self-governing ensemble with a major cultural presence in Burning Man community. We present music upending the traditional hierarchy of the classical orchestra. Through a collaborative model, we provide inspiring concerts of music both old and new.


2018 was our first official year. Many of us have performed in various bands, performances, groups since the beginnings of Burning Man. A group of us decided recently to go forth and present a different take on live classical music on the Playa. And renamed our effort, Black Rock Philharmonic.

"We are all notes in this beautiful concert of existence."
- Mozart in the Jungle


BRP Team

Development Community

Ceren Turkmenler – Co-Founder, Managing Director

Roger Wu – Co -Founder, Logistics Director

Carlyle Dusty BoB – Co-Founder, Media & Branding

Alyce Bertz – Concertmaster, Music Director


On-Playa Master Sound Engineers 

Tom Lattanand

Gary Bertz


BRP Kids Concert Cordinator

Jeremy Bregman


On-Playa Stage Managers 

Wendy Rolon

Leilana Pueliu


Organizational Major Domo 

Erin Denise


Transport and Logistics 

The Amazing Frozen Oasis Team and Camp


Site Credits

Art and Media 

(Dusty BoB) NYC



Josh Litwin, MementoPress.com

Duncan Richardson (Dust-in)

(Dusty BoB)

Lance Hathaway (Pie-Pie)




Contact (at) BlackRockPhilharmonic (dot) org