BRP Scholarship form - 2022

Scholarships for 2022 have entered a unique space. While we would usually expect that recipients granted funds would be able to find tickets easily–2022 has turned out to be quite different. There has been a severe ticket shortage in the “Main Sale” and even our early and veteran members have not been able to get tickets. As a result, we have (as of May 11, 2022) modified our scholarship approach. We will be granting any remaining scholarships in preference to attendees who have secured and have tickets already. We also find this terribly disappointing and understand if you do as well as it creates this very difficult situation–where if someone needs a scholarship, how can they procure a ticket without financial help? Please continue to communicate with us if there is a unique situation that applies to your particulars and we will try to be supportive in the face of special circumstances. Thank you

This fund is administered by a committee of the Black Rock Philharmonic and will help cover the costs of a ticket. The decision will be based on the musician’s portfolio, the need of the orchestra, seniority within our group, and the level of dedication and musicianship. For additional questions and imformation, please email: scholarship (at) blackrockphilharmonic (dot) org