Announcing our Burning Man “Waking Dreams” 2022 Season!

BRP's Program for 2022:

The plan currently is to follow our usual 3 rehearsal, 4 concert plan.

Rehearsals (All in Frozen Oasis’ stage and sound shell):

  • Sunday evening, 5:30 pm
  • Monday late afternoon: 4:30 pm
  • Tuesday morning 10:30 am

and 4 CONCERTS (timing will be a slight shift from usual):

  • Wed- evening 5:30 pm Frozen Oasis
  • Thursday evening 5:30 pm -at a large, vetted Playa art work TBD
  • Friday morning-9:00 am –Temple (already scheduled and discussed with their team) and
  • Saturday morning—(site under discussion; perhaps back at Frozen Oasis).


  • The Thursday evening concert is again graciously being supported by the rather epic Mayan Warrior art car and its sound system.  Our 2019 Folly concert had somewhere between 2500-3500 people at it; we look forward again to our amplified collaboration somewhere in the dust.
  • Frozen Oasis will once again be our support camp: the location that camp will request for placement will probably be on the 9:00 side, around the D-E-F roads (in an attempt not to wrestle with the three rather loud sound camps that surrounded rehearsals and concerts in 2019 when we were placed closer to Esplanade).
  • We will have the use of an orchestra support truck for moving the large instruments (tubas, percussion, and double basses, lookin’ at you!) and the rolling bins for the smaller instruments.  This was a welcome innovation in 2019 and one we expect to help us with our larger gear and organization again.
  • Our managers will once again be the amazing Mary Bailey and, new to us, Hailey Reeves.  Managers–not moms.  You still have to tend to your own stuff!!!
  • Our sound team will be the wonderful: Tom Lattanand (of the ripping solo at the Folly), Ron Halbert, and new to us, Alex Wilson–all three, professionals and experienced.
  • We hope you are all well; we hope we get to see all our alumni again and get to meet all our virgins; we look forward again to playing when it’s too hot, too dusty, and too dry, and having our audiences join us in cheers, tears, and celebration of art.

We believe that what Black Rock Philharmonic does out there is something wonderfully ephemeral and transient and beautiful. We are so looking forward to doing it all together again.

Eric, Alyce, Erin, and Roger